Eco-Day Activities

On Thursday it was our Eco Day. Our focus was to reduce, re-use and recycle.

Primary 6 worked all morning using the least amount of electricity we could, so no lights on in class, and we also ensured our Chromebooks were fully charged the night before!

For our art activity we only used newspapers and paper from the recycling boxes.

Our class pledge for next year is to use our resources more respectfully. We decided we are not very good at borrowing resources and returning them to where they belong so we sadly end up having to replace lots of items that are lost. As this is very wasteful, and costly to the school we aim to improve on this next year.

Here are some examples of work from yesterday.

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Whin Park and Infinity Trampolining

On Wednesday we had our P6 trip, and what a great day we had. We started off by taking the bus to Whin Park where we played on the equipment and had our lunch, including a few extra treats! How lucky we were as the sun shone, and there was not a drop of rain until our journey home.

After lunch it was back on the bus to head to Infinity Trampoline Park and so many laughs were had there. I’m quite sure the children went home as exhausted as all of the adults.

The behaviour of the children was exemplary for the whole day, and we are so very proud of them. We had very positive comments from both the bus driver and from the employees in Infinity.

Well done P6 you were a credit to yourselves and to our school yesterday. What a great memorable trip we had!

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Easter Egg Competition

We are holding our annual Easter Egg Design Competition on Wednesday 3rd April, so get your thinking caps on over the next few days. Please remember to only bring in your creations on Wednesday morning. Here is a reminder of last years winning designs to help inspire you all!


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What Talent We Have!

Friday was Comic Relief Day and we had our Talent Show in the afternoon. We had 8 acts, from our class, audition on Monday, and each of these was judged by the children and given an overall score calculated from a success criteria created by our class. The top 3 acts went through to the Talent Show on Friday. We had 2 magicians and a musical act. Very well done to Shaun, Alan, Brandon and Lewis, you were fantastic representatives for our class, and you all were very entertaining.

Skipping Success!

What a great afternoon we had at our skipping fundraiser. A big thank you to all of our families and friends who very kindly sponsored us, and a very special thank you to the Parent Council who supplied, and served us, with juice and biscuits when we were finished. A great afternoon.


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